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The SCFA regrets the passing of W/S/Cons Ariana Henry under tragic circumstances early this morning the 26 day of October 2013. We offer our most sincere condolence to the family, squadies, friends and colleagues of Ariana Henry...................we mourn the passing of S/Cpl Gary Brown who died this morning in hospital after brief illness....MAY THEIR SOUL REST IN PEACE...

 scfa mission


The mission of the Special Constabulary Force Association is to represent rank and file members islandwide.

To deliver professional service as it relates to:


  • General Welfare
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Legal Representation


"We serve with honesty, integrity and proper respect for thr rights of all"


We note the tragic passing of S/Cons Jermaine Bartley, S/Cons Ariana Henry and the sudden passing of S/Cpl Gary Brown, All within a very short period of time

SCFA Charge to Members

Though it appears that we are under a dark cloud I encourage you to strengthen your resolve in the face of all adversities. I encourage you to draw on the strength of your character, that same strength which as set us a part as Special Constables. Be strong for your colleague who is not as strong as you, in so doing we help each other to triumph.


Members' Assurance

We want to assure you , our members, that your roles and functions should not falter or change but  instead we must show our character and perform our duties with determination and even more passion. BE ALERT AT ALL TIMES. STAY SAFE BOTH ON AND OFF THE JOB. DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY TO ENSURE THIS.


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